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disappearance. the investigative unit broke this story last night. this has to be such a difficult process for him. >> reporter: it really is. and i have to tell you, we just talked to steve lamar a few minutes ago and he views this as a positive development and hopes it will convict a man accused of killing his daughter. >> good to see they are building the case and they are trying to show pattern so that's all positive. we from myself and the family's perspective, our focus is on sierra, finding sierra and finding answers. >> reporter: now facing three new charges for allegedly trying to kidnap three different women in march of 2009. two of the attacks took place here any safeway in morgan hill.
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the other at a safeway on tenet avenue. safeway shoppers remember the fear they felt after learning the attacks in 2009. one woman says she was so scared she stopped at other stores. >> it's a scary feeling to know he was out there and nobody knew it was him. >> reporter: she and other shoppers say they are glad to know garcia torres is behind bars facing new charges. a judge ruled while he was 17 years old when the crimes were committed, he will be tried as an adult for the attempted kidnappers. sierra lamar disappeared eight months ago in morgan hill and her body has never been found. her father tells me that he hopes that these new charges will renew interest in the case and perhaps lead someone to call in a tip that can help him find his daughter. in the meantime, the search for
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sierra lamar continues. reporting live in sunnyvale marianne favro, nbc bay area news. more san jose police officers are resigning fed up with lower wages and benefits. in the last two weeks alone, eight more officers announced they are leaving the department. nbc bay's damian trujillo joins us from headquarters. not long ago, this was among the best departments in the country. where is it going from here? >> reporter: morale asinking here and it's been difficult. it remains a strong department but getting more and more difficult by the moment. the chief sent this memo to city hall, alerting them that the number of officers he has available to suit up has dropped to less than 1,000. that number alarming to those
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victims of crime and to those still here on the force. the robbers haven't been back to the west coast wheels and tire shop in san jose but left an impression with one of the workers tied with duct tape and held at gun point while they em tied the cash register. >> i think about it all the time. >> reporter: police haven't caught the bad guys, with fewer investigators they may never. for the first time in a long time the police warned city leaders at this point in time he only has 978 officers who are able to suit up. >> if you factor in the disability and recruits who aren't able to work the streets yet, it dips below 1,000 and the first time i've seen it in the 14 years i've been here. >> reporter: it doesn't help four veteran officers are leaving for the santa cruz county sheriff's office and another four left to redwood city. >> they are getting some of our sergeants and personnel on the s.w.a.t. team and metro unit.
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thousands and thousands of dollars worth of training and getting it for free when they hire these people. >> reporter: the city has 1 over for 973 residents compare that to dallas, it has 1 officer for every 346 residents. >> maybe with more police in the area it might help. it definitely would. >> reporter: wishful thinking for a man who stared down the barrel of a gun. by june, nobody knows how many more veterans will decide to turn in their badge. the first of several community meetings to select a new police chief is scheduled for a week from this coming monday. no one here denies it's going to be a rough couple of first years for whoever gets that job. we're live at police headquarters in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. rain is on the way and crews in daly city are working hard to
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clean up a massive mudslide before it gets worse. they brought in heavy equipment to hillside park under 3 feet of mud still. they are trying to dig a path and use straw and hay to keep it from flowing back in the street. yesterday a pipe broke spilling 45,000 gallons of water and sand and mud. look at that car, nearly buried in mud which has now been cleared out. 40 neighbors were evacuated but their homes luckily are safe. >> i think if there's anything about the integrity of the hill that we need to be worried about, they would tell us. >> the department of water and water management says that engineers believe the hillside is stable as you heard. after the rain is over, they may have to move the mud back into the area. the city will need gee geo technical advice to come up with a fix. cal students are fighting to keep tuition from going up
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again. the board unveiled the framework for next year's budget and tuition hikes could be on the way. nbc bay area's jody hernandez joins us live where students are taking a stand and even the governor says this is not the right time to raise tuition hikes. >> reporter: that's right, students are out here in force tonight. they have pitched their tents and prepared to camp out overnight to send a message. they are not about sit back and let the board raise tuition after they fought so hard to help pass a measure they thought would keep their college costs in check. students upset over the possibility of more tuition hikes are camping out in protest. in front of the uc board of regents meeting on the mission bay campus. >> there's no doubt there's nobody around this table that wants to raise tuition. >> reporter: but regents say they need more than $276 million
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from the state to keep tuition from going up next year. a sum governor jerry brown says is simply unrealistic. >> it's very unlikely to happen. you really proposing tuition increases unless there's some third alternative. >> what i heard today, there's a minimum 6% increase in tuition on its way. minimum. and that everything else has to go -- to avoid an even steeper increase. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> oppose? >> no. >> gavin newsom voted against the proposed budget framework while governor brown abstained. he says theel compete with the elderly and disabled and long list of others for the budget pie. >> i'll do the best i can to keep tuition down and get revenue from the state, but i do that in the context of a lot of other claims that people are making. >> students say they can't
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believe just a week after helping proposition 30 get passed, they are already faced with the real possibility of steeper tuition. >> students can't understand now that prop 30 is passed bringing billions more in funding from taxes on the rich, why are we talking about increasing tuition? we should be talking about rolling tuition back and rolling back cuts. >> again, students have set up a little camp here. you can't see because it's dark outside but just down the hill, they are putting up signs and getting ready to take part in a buffet dinner. they've got their signs and tent and they plan to be here tomorrow morning when the uc board of regents meeting resumes. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> the night is young for those campers. we have new details about the state budget. take a look. adramatic improvement, the numbers here projected $2 billion deficit next year, compare that to this year's deficit, which is almost $16 billion and look at 2010 the
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deficit was 25 billion. why the turnaround? improving state economy and prior budget cuts and passage of prop 30. unfortunately home burglaries are on the rise across the bay area, especially on the peninsula, san mateo residents are fed up. a surge hit east of 101 with 15 different burglaries. just this week there were serve more break-ins near the south end. you see the red dots there with the homes are. san mateo police are trying to fight the spike in burglaries, they might follow the leads of others. >> reporter: good evening, raj, they saturated both of those areas as an immediate response. we checked in with other cities that experienced similar spikes and found one success story across the bay. >> on lodia avenue where neighbors know each other by
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name, the rash of burglaries up to 15 in november rattled nerves, especially for the woman sandwiched between two target houses. her own home was hit before. >> a year and a half ago, it's all wound up again. it's hard. are they coming back? >> reporter: san mateo police sergeant says his officers are working hard and tracking activity outside city limits. >> when they arrest someone, we may want to talk to that individual to find out if they have anything to do with the crimes here. >> reporter: in palo alto there were eight burglaries in the week of november. they launched a burglary task force and in fremont? >> lucky to be trending back down. >> they had 89 in march and 73 in june and 58 last month. they credit a new crime fighting strategy that shifted officers in different units to focus on
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burglaries. our investigative unit and street crimes unit and community ed engage the unit. >> reporter: puts dozen of eyes on break-ins, 80 of them with the new graduating class next week and they'll check on the perimeter of your home on vacation and even pick up newspapers piling up. >> our goal is to make it look like somebody is always home. >> reporter: that is a year round service but fremont police push it hard ahead of the holidays when there's a surge in home break-ins. one more thing is working for them, the social media, they really pushed hard and said that nearly double tips and information with the community members after building that relationship. now live in san mateo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. still ahead at 6:00, police arrest two south bay nurses working at the county jail. an investigative unit exclusive, uncovering what some
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are calling a toxic hidden culture in the california national guard. in tonight's reality check, a billion dollars of san jose investment in just six months? we take a look at mayor reed and city council's lofty goal. >> we're about to undergo major changes after near record setting heat and 75 in santa cruz. we're tracking two development storms and let you know when the rain arrives in a few minutes.
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the lawyer for two nurses say their clients acted negligently not criminally. the inmates medical care, elmarch algodo and ra dofl foe
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were taken into custody. they were in possession of controlled substances. the lawyer says the nurses were keeping few unused pills for instances when the inmates refused to take their meds to make up for shortages in the inventory. >> $1 billion in just six months, that is the goal that mayor chuck reed and the san jose city council has set for investment in the city. is it even possible? in tonight's reality check, sam brach sits down with all of the players to find that answer. and sam, has the mayor set the sights too high? >> the truth of the matter is the demand is there, drive around san jose and you'll find construction projects of all kinds cropping up but $1 billion of construction in six months? it's virtually impossible. but just because i don't think it's going to happen, hasn't stopped some of the most business savvy folks in the region for placing their bets on
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mayor reed. >> san jose sure is a bustling city these days, not because of foot traffic either. development is booming with countless city projects like the meridian at midtown in the pipeline. despite all of the activity, the city's goal of reaching a billion dollars of new investment in just six months probably will not happen and i'll tell you why. first, the numbers just don't bear it out. according to the city's department of planning, building and code enforcement in the last ten years, san jose topped a billion dollars in new construction three times for the full year, not for six months. and each time the total has barely exceeded a billion. in 2012 san jose has seen 500 million through the first six months, meaning the city would have to double the current output to meet the mayor's goal. second, as city council member sam lakardo points out, they are
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cutting down on bureaucratic delay and red tape but still dealing with personnel shortages that won't be remedied in six months. >> we lost a lot of staff through the economic downturn and as a result there are significant lag times at some of our permitting and planning staff are having to deal with. as development michael van avery will tell you, his firm is one of the lucky ones that had millions in assets to plunk down and weather a tight lending environment. for most investors, access to capital is a real problem. >> how far does it -- >> quite difficult. right now as a private investor, you have to guarantee construction loans and you have to put up 35% he equity of any one project. >> and 35% of his $70 million project for perspective, would be a $24.5 million down payment. >> we've been working on this
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for six years. >> reporter: so back to mayor reed and his lofty goal, a billion dollars recorded in six months. >> i have no doubt that we can. there's probably more than a billion dollars of opportunities. the question is how many can we get done in six months. >> reporter: reed's claim of billion dollars in opportunities checks out after spiing to some developers willing to hint at the financials for their massive pending projects, low enterprisers is developing a tract of land so large it took us more than a minute to drive around. an urban office campus which they said will cost well north of $100 million just for first phase. across the street by the intersection of 101, ellis partners about to build a 700,000 square feet of office space estimated at $230 million, minimum. the coleman high line phase one will include playing fields and multiple restaurants and $150
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million for the first phase. there are many more projects pending other than just these. the money is there, but what about the timeline? >> i think the numbers are defensible. it depends on what economic model you go after. >> van avery is standing behind the mayor's call. president and ceo of the policy driven business advocate bay area council economic institute. >> if you expedite things and few big projects looming out there that might move forward in six months, yeah, i wouldn't say you couldn't hit that. >> i have received comments of all kinds from developers when asked about building in san jose. some say the city staff has been incredible responsive to their permitting needs and really trying to get activity. others say closing a deal in six months would be wonderful in theory but that will never happen. others applaud the effort and say that financing is a major hurdle to development. i guess the bottom line is the city is doing all it can to try
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to drive development and it will bring in new businesses, job creations and number one goal, they will do that. the question of course is that time line. if they don't hit that $1 billion by six months, that's okay, but i don't think they are going to do it. >> thank you, sam, very interesting. let's get to weather, jeff ranie ranieri. >> i hope you enjoyed it the past few days. we had record setting highs today as the radar scans around right now. in this over 250 mile radius we're finding dry conditions but that will be quickly changing throughout the next 24 to 36 hours. how about the temperatures? was sunny and warm down in the south bay with 74 in gilroy and 70 in san jose and also 71 in santa rosa. and it is crystal clear in san jose but those clouds will be advancing as early as tomorrow right across the south bay and even up in the north bay.
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back on the satellite loop, this active pattern starting to develop. we have subtropical moisture to the south. we're not too worried about that, but we have area of low pressure developing along the pacific and that will be the first in a series of storm systems coming our way as we head not only into friday but also saturday and sunday. the first storm system starting to arrive throughout friday's forecast and then that second storm as we head into sunday. overall we're looking for a quarter inch to maybe an inch of rainfall as we head throughout friday's storm. gusty across the hills and possibly a few isolated thunderstorms and will have flooding concerns with it across the santa cruz mountains namely as we head throughout sunday with some of the rainfall piling up. as we head throughout thursday, we'll have the cloud cover and peninsula back in the east bay. as we head throughout thursday, a few showers by the afternoon hours but we'll start to get in on more of that accumulating rainfall as we head throughout friday morning at 4:00, 5:00,
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6:00, down to the south bay. the commute will start what here on friday. as we transition throughout the afternoon, we'll keep the showers in the forecast, keep your umbrellas handy all day long on friday. when we look at the overall rain trend for november, usually this time of year we get a series of storm systems moving in. nothing too out of the ordinary happening throughout the next three to four days. daytime highs expected to top out colder. 50s by the coast at the bay. for the interior valleys and cloud cover increasing throughout the afternoon. throughout friday, that is our next rain day in the forecast. then for saturday, a chance of thunderstorms. if all of these changes aren't enough, raj and jess, take a look at this across the sierra, catching a little bit of air as heavenly ski resorts open. not me. but 4 to 5 feet of fresh snow.
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>> you should have just told us that was you. we would have believed you. >> a big step forward for the warriors arena plan and pledge to provide local jobs. we'll have the latest. safety versus sea life, decision day for a controversial plan to measure earthquake faults off the coast. a surprising turn of events for the facebook investors.
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it was expected to be horrible instead turned out profitable. today the social media's stock price went up strongly gaining more than 12%. investors showing confidence in facebook's future even with the new shares hitting the market. the rest of the market shrunk with more worries about the upcoming fiscal cliff. not showing kfrds in the democrats and republicans agreeing on how to save money. adobe systems is dealing with a
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hacker. someone breached its connect service which left users conference online. it is resetting the pass word of 150,000 users. many of us have gotten rid of our blackberrys but they are still fighting to stay alive, allowing blackberry users to make free voice calls over a wi-fi network. a split screen will let them talk and text at the same time. the new feature will be free for existing customers, although the number of subscribers grew in overseas markets, blackberry is struggling in the united states where customers have been migrating to iphones and androids. >> the bay area housing market continues to get stronger. the latest figures show local home sales are up nearly 14% since september and up 21% from this time last year. middle to high end homes are selling the fastest here in the bay area. sales for lower priced homes
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remain stagnant. >> a recall tonight involving a popular toyota prius. we'll have details plus -- >> an investigative unit exclusive, behind the gates of the california national guard. our report is next. a mother to be dies in ireland after being denied an abortion. why doctors refuse to perform the procedure that could have saved her life. president obama fired up after one of his own comes under fire.
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the california national guard has long history of helping the state and nation during tough times. >> but a joint investigation by nbc bay area and our sister station knbc in los angeles uncovers a disturbing hidden culture in the guard, some say sexual assault and racism go unchecked. here's our investigation.
6:30 pm
tony, serious claims here. raj, yes, we spoke with two dozen men and women from the california national guard who call the culture inside toxic. and now they want to expose what they say is the truth. i want it to stop. >> reporter: she's a master sergeant serving in the guard for a dozen years. >> i don't understand. i had faith in this organization. >> reporter: and she's a staff sergeant serving in the military for two decades. they are part of the 23,000 men and women serving the california national guard, where its integrity first and service before self and some of the members who say for years they have witnessed sexual harassment and racism and retaliation. >> is that part of the culture of the national guard? >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: what is the current reputation of the california national guard?
6:31 pm
>> it's not a good one. it's not a good reputation. it's not. >> reporter: chief officer petty is a decorated member of the oklahoma national guard. last year he was one of two independent investigators sent to california to investigate problems. >> reading from your report, sexual harassment and hostile work environment is common place in the california national guard. >> that's what we got from everybody we talked to. commonplace. >> reporter: we obtained a copy of the report and will bring you the results in the full investigation at 11:00. so far multiple requests to interview the commanding officer to discuss the cultural problems addressed in our investigation have been denied. coming up tonight at 11:00, you'll hear more from the men and women who say the guard let them down and now they are demanding change inside the organization. jess? >> we look forward to seeing
6:32 pm
that this evening. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, give us a call or send an e-mail to the unit at nbcbay >> the air force is making changes to its training program after numerous counts of sexual misconduct at the base in texas. more female trainers, tighter screening of instructors and better leadership. five trainers have been convicted of sexual assault or unprofessional relationships. the recommendations were made today at the pentagon. one of the country's most powerful politicians is staying put. nancy pelosi says she'll continue her role as house minority leader. >> it isn't about the gavel although we like to have it. it's about the unity we share, it's about the important work we can do and it's about thinking a little longer term, a little longer term of the path our country is on and where we would go. >> the 72-year-old pelosi made the big announcement this morning in washington.
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you can see she was flanked by democratic women in the house. the house democrats are united in leading the country longterm. president obama defending his ambassador on the comments she made about benghazi. >> the first news conference since being re-elected, president obama touched on the fiscal cliff and global warming and petraeus scandal. john mccain and lindsay graham accused rice of misleading the american people about the u.s. consulate attack in libya that killed four american diplomats and demanding a watergate style hearing. they said they would block rice's nomination if promoted to a cabinet position. president obama not only gave her the highest praise but came to her defense. >> if senator mccain and graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after
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me. but for them to go after the u.n. ambassador, who had nothing to do with benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence she received and the besmirch her reputation, outrage out. >> mr. graham said, mr. president, don't think for one minute i don't hold you ultimately responsible for ben gazdy. i think you failed as the president before and after the attack. president obama responded to the petraeus scandal saying there's no evidence that national security was compromised. he stepped down after an affair with his bioography was exposed. he respects the fbi's protocol when it comes to disclosing
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information in ongoing investigations. broadwell's security clearance has been suspended. is the middle east on the brink of war? israel launches one of its most ferocious attacks on gaza. israeli millty hit 20 targets today, one of them a pinpoint air strike that killed a hamas commander. israel says it's in response to the repeated rocket attacks by palestinian militants in gaza. hamas is already threatening retaliation. anti-abortion laws in ireland are coming under fire after a woman died after being denied procedure. 31-year-old was 17 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital in october complaining of extreme pain. doctors told her she was having a miss carriage, because of the law they could not perform an abortion if they could still hear the heartbeat. the pain kept getting worse and she died from a blood infection. the incident is sparking
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protests around the country and top lawmakers are now asking whether the law needs to be changed. raj. an environmental milestone for california with the start of its cap and trade program. they began auction s permits for green house gas emissions and places a cap on business' allowable greenhouse gas emissions and companies can buy or trade allowances giving them the ability to go over their limit. california is expected to have the world's second largest carbon market. the state air resources board says the result of the auction will be released next week. toyota is recalling nearly 2.8 million cars worldwide due to problems with the steering mechanism. in addition to that, toyota also recalling several prius models due to a problem with the car's hybrid water pump system. 670,000 priuses are being raud in u.s., rest are in japan and europe. the prius cars are second generation models.
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certain corolla models being impacted, made between 2000 and 2011, this turns out to be the second multimillion car recall. congress takes aim at the deadly meningitis outbreak. >> plus a late ruling on a controversial plan to measure earthquake faults off the coast. it was clear and warm and well above average today but that's all about to shift. cloud cover increases tomorrow and temperatures dropping in the 60s from the coast to the interior valleys and we're tracking two stormgz. we'll let you know when rain drops arrive in just a few.
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the nationwide deadly meningitis outbreak was discussed today. the owner of the company tied to the steroid refused to testify. the outbreak killed 32 people and sickened more than 400. republicans on the committee asked why the fda didn't intervene when it found violations at the center in 2002. one who died was a state circuit judge from kentucky. >> it was a nightmare to see this man who was perfectly healthy one moment and then just so quickly going downhill and everything the doctors were
6:41 pm
doing for him didn't -- was to no avail. >> knowingly disregarded sterility tests and violated their pharmacy license. >> federal health officials asked lawmakers to strengthen standards for nontraditional compounding pharmacies. >> in europe regulator approved a new diabetes drug 11 months after it was rejected here in the united states. the u.s. food and drug administration withheld approval of forsega, citing concerns about cancer risk and liver injury and asked for more clinical data. >> it is time to find that umbrella from the garage somewhere. >> and the boots, all that kind of stuff. >> even the rain boots? >> yes, now you've gotten to a whole different -- >> on the weekend jessica, boots for sunday. we're going to talk more about the rain and two different storms we're tracking and what it could mean for rain totals
6:42 pm
and where we're having flooding concerns in a few minutes. this is the comcast sportsnet newsroom, an olympic darling is heading to the bay area and bringing her medals. will he be in action for chicago? the latest straight from the horse's mouth next in sports.
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environmental activists went up against a powerful electric company and won. >> hundreds turned out for the public hearing and convinced the coastal commission not to allow pg&e to do seismic testing off the coast saying the plan would hurt marine life. here are the new details for us. >> the environmental activists today faced off with one of the most powerful electric companies and they won. hundreds of people came from all over the state here to santa monica for this public hearing which just wrapped up and convinced the california coastal commission not to allow pg&e to do seismic testing off the coast saying it poses to great a risk to marine life. cheers today at the california
6:45 pm
coastal commission shuts down pg&e's plan to blast sundwaves deep into the ocean floor, allowing them to get 3-d maps of earthquake fault lines that run underneath the power plant. pg&e argued they would be necessary to determine the effects of an earthquake. >> if you live near a nuclear plant, wouldn't you want more certainly in the assumptions made. >> reporter: they ruled the high decibel blast would hurt marine life and vital commercial fishing industry and activists applaud the decision. >> we want pg&e, their plant to be safe but it's clear this wasn't the way to do it. it's a real victory today and couldn't be happier. >> reporter: pg&e says better research is needed to avoid a disaster, like the disaster at the fukushima plant, triggered by a 9.0 quake and tsunami.
6:46 pm
how does pg&e test plants safely without harming the ecosystem? >> we recently completed three additional advanced seismic studies that we're gathering valuable data from. we'll focus on gathering that data as we evaluate the decision on this proposal to determine the next steps. >> that was angie crouch reporting for us. let's turn things over to jeff for the next step of the weather. >> get that umbrella ready. we have incoming huge changes on the seven-day forecast. right now the doppler radar showing dry conditions from the north bay down to the south bay. as it scans around in the next 36 hours, definitely a lot more active, almost hard to wrap your head around it especially after the warm weather above average and half moon bay even at 72 and san jose topping out at 70. it's kind of unusual weather when parts of the coast line got
6:47 pm
warmer than intear i can't remember valleys. also, 58 currently in cupertino. let's take you to this view from emeryville looking back to san francisco, shows fog-free conditions, not much in the way of cloud cover. we'll squeeze out one more night of these fantastic conditions with excellent visibility before things drastically change. here comes this active weather pattern. we have subtropical moisture to the south. most should stayed contained in southern california and it's this offshore showing a decent amount of uplift. you can see the contouring there, there's a sign of thunderstorm activity starting to build in the pacific. not just going to be that storm system on friday. but also a second storm system as we head into sunday that we're going to be tracking. two storm systems in the next three to three and a half day period, could even bring us some flooding concerns as with each storm system, we'll see max rain totals and upwards of an inch.
6:48 pm
let's get you into tomorrow's forecast and we'll go beyond as we head into thursday. we'll get slight cooling and as we head throughout friday, the rain returns and also temperatures will continue to tumble. tomorrow we'll begin with cloud cover up in the north bay and we'll see mainly clear conditions for the east bay and south bay. by the evening hours around 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, little shower activity, nothing major if you have outdoor plans, you may need to bring the umbrella but won't need it for heavy rain. your commute will start very wet here and we expect rain from the north bay back into livermore and pleasanton and walnut creek and rain chances all the way until about 6:00 p.m. that's with the first storm, we could see totals about a quarter to maybe close to an inch in napa and santa rosa, these are rainfall estimates but a good indication of who could see the most. here's what you need to know. the first storm system, about a
6:49 pm
quarter to half inch of rainfall generally for the south and east bay. winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. a second and stronger system could bring us a few flooding concerns across the santa cruz mountains, about 3 to 6 inches possible, higher snow level about 6,000 feet with a little bit more of a warmer storm. it may be treacherous but not entirely too hard to handle. for thursday, we're going to drop numbers off in the 60s for the most part for the valleys and back to the coast line and don't forget, with all of the wet weather coming in, a perfect day for the grocery store, we're doing our annual holiday food drive. you bring a pre-packed bags and they scan it and they help to reach the goal for those in need in the bay area. last year we raised a half million dollars by selling bags and we are looking to beat that. all right, the seven-day forecast has rain returning friday. chance of thunderstorms pretty decent now on saturday. it will be isolated and scatter
6:50 pm
the. by sunday the second storm arrives where we could see another inch of rainfall. so sunday right now on the coastal mountains and santa cruz mountains, you'll want to watch the hillsides because of flooding concerns. we'll need to track them. >> the new san francisco arena for the warriors going to happen? they are making big stride, the san francisco board of supervisors gave its initial thumb's up. the billion dollar project seems financially feasible. also today, you're looking at it, mayor lee announced an agreement between the local unions and community groups if that arena is built. it would mean the private contractor will hire 25% of the workforce from the city of san francisco. >> it just shows me that the investors working with -- have confidence in the city just as our communities and people working, whether it's laborers or carpenters or construction workers, we have confidence that the lawyers will continue this effort working with the city.
6:51 pm
>> proposed arena would be built along the water front, piers 30 and 32. if it gets the ultimate green light the 3-year project would create 4,000 jobs, half of them would be permanent. all right let's get sports. the comcast sportsnet newsroom. any word on alex smith? >> if you're a gambling gone and betting on alex smith starting this monday night against the chicago bears. the 49ers quarterback has been cleared to take part in limited practice. he was wearing a black jersey that means you can't touch him. off limits for contact and he can talk and did so today. >> i feel good. feel good. better. >> yeah, just going along the process right now, nothing has been decided. this is a whole long process and stuff, it's up to the doctors but kind of doing what they told me and moving along.
6:52 pm
>> you don't have to be a baseball fan to recognize what a wonderful story the oakland a's were this season, led by the american league manager bob melvin who happens to be a bay area native and cal alum. here's more on the manager and the team's imagine cal run this season. >> it felt like there was a little -- there was something else going on. >> reporter: melvin says he's never been a part of the team like the 2012 athletics and now the baseball community has recognized exactly what he accomplished, naming him the american league manager of the year. >> the great heart and good feeling of it all is just based on how many people in the hard working people in this organization. it really validated the season that we had, the type of award. somebody has to give -- more about the organization. >> reporter: he admits it came to an abrupt ending but the way
6:53 pm
the home crowd reacted in the final game, although a loss, is something he'll never forget. >> that was one of the more special things, the fans giving us a curtain call, wouldn't leave. i don't think i've seen that before. detroit is trying to celebrate out in the field and they are looking around like what's going on, you are supposed to be leaving in a bad mood and he really did reenergize an area. there wasn't a ballpark we played in this year that was louder than our ballpark at the end of the season. >> reporter: with the added fan support, he knows there will be expectations for next year's athletics whoever they we will. >> we have propensity to make our team better and we -- what was it two days in the off season and now a premiere centerfielder here. as of what we have, i'm thrilled to death. >> reporter: bob melvin was named manager of the year in 2007 with the diamondbacks. when asked how this year's
6:54 pm
honors compared? it's special that he received the award in both leagues. nbc bay area news. officially donning the orange and black, a three-year contract with a reported $18 million. 1-2 and 67 relief appearances this season and gave up no runs and ten postseason appearances. she won gold four times in london, only fitting she'll be a golden bear, 17-year-old missy franklin signed a letter of intent to swim for cal starting next september. her plan is to swim collegiately for two years and turn pro before the 2016 olympic games. >> i'm so excited. i can't wait. i wanted to go to cal for so long. it was definitely a hard decision than i thought it was going to be because of other schools i looked at. but after all of the talking
6:55 pm
with my parents and coaches, i knew i was meant to be at cal and can't believe i get the opportunity to go there. >> that is one young woman fired up to go to college. and the warriors host the hawks tonight. we'll have highlights tonight at 11:00. raj and jessica, back to you. >> you cannot help but smile when you see missy franklin. >> that's right. >> so cute. >> absolutely. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, a popular alternative to taking a cab in san francisco.
6:58 pm
state regulators are looking to shut down the pier to pier ride services. we talked to one of the people that provide the services and say the state has it all wrong. tonight after "chicago fire." we have more local news at our 7:00 newscast with brent cannon. >> i'm working on becoming the first bionic man. anyway, i'm back and we got a recap all of the top stories and clogging you probably did not realize you can clog gangnam style. >> love it. >> bay area troop has done it and it has gone viral and we'll talk to them -- >> like clogging? >> you put your feet in them. >> learning something new. >> with a little twist. >> and they don't fall off. that's impressive. 7:00, channel 186 on comcast. have a great evening.
6:59 pm
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